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SCHRAMM bed systems

SW Interior Design Mallorca - Bedstudio

Since over 80 years the SCHRAMM company is a synonym for healthy and refreshing nights.
We offer you the wide range of this company, which is characterized by flexibility and customer – focussed.

For you to try out in our bedding showroom:

Pocket innerspring mattresses tailor made manufactured including a special shoulder cavity for side sleepers and depending on the weight in 5 different hardness degrees.

  • a base mattress with its own spring system – electrically or manually adjustable or stiff.
  • a handcrafted pocket innerspring mattress with an upholstery of Bultex or natural latex.
  • luxurious pocket innerspring mattress with oven tempered and coppered nine thread springs and finest upholstery materials like linen, silk and white sheep’s wool.
  • for an even better sleeping comfort: a padding which is available in all sizes up to 200 x 200.

Accordingly we offer you the bed series GALA, BASIS and PURE BEDS. In our bedding showroom at the entrance of Perto Andratx you can compose the bed you always dreamt of. With a wooden frame or upholstered with your favourite fabric.

To get a general idea of the whole range of products of the SCHRAMM company come to Puerto Andratx or visit the web page:


SW Interior Design Mallorca - Bedstudio

The Metzeler company succeeded to generate coldfoam mattresses which are made of 100% natural resources. Those mattresses, made from sunflower and rapeseed oil are characterised mainly by its high breathability and reclining comfort.

For you to test in our bedding showroom:

  • the Mono Cell mattress with its five different zones guarantees an allover pressure relief
  • the Duo Cell mattress “Prestige Tubes”. Its kernel consists of foamed tubes of different hardness degrees which form a 7 – zone – mattress. Over and above the tubes guarantee a maximum of breathability.

To come up to the climatic circumstances here in Mallorca, like the continuous high humidity the mattresses are provided with a special cover, which increases the breathabilty that much you can even use the mattresses on your yacht.
All covers are removable and washable up to 60°C.

If you want to know more about these mattresses and its advantages just come to our bedding showroom in Puerto Andratx or get informed on:

irisette / Badenia:

SW Interior Design Mallorca - Bedstudio

The Badenia company looks back on a 60 years lasting company history and offers all kind of bedding.

For you to try out in our bedding showroom:

  • a 7 zone pocket innerspring mattress which combines the positive characteristics of a high quality cold foam mattress with the advateges of a pocket spring mattress. The cover can be removed easily and is also washable up to 60°C.

If you want to get more information or just want to try it out visit our bedding showroom in Puerto Andratx or look for more information in the internet:


SW Interior Design Mallorca - Bedstudio

A long – established company in northern Germany, which invented during its 80 years of company history mattresses and slatted frames which conform to the highest eco standards and guarantee a smooth and recreative night.

For you to try out in our bedding showroom:

  • a waist – type innerspring mattress with a reinforced middlezone, quilted with merinowool under a cotton – drill – cover.
  • slatted frames made of high quality beech wood with an infinitely adjustment of hardness and a special shoulder zone. Stiff or adjustable by hand or motor. The outstanding slatted frames with power – operated adjustment and the 5 different zones could even be used for care beds.

Pass by to get an overview and try out the wide range of possibilities.

All slatted frames of this company come with a 12 year functional warranty. If you want to know more about this company visit the homepage:


SW Interior Design Mallorca - Bedstudio


High quality boxspring bed systems – individually arrangable

  • different upholstery – fabrics in a wide rangefrom velvet to artificial leather in a wide colour palette
  • different boxspring systems
        • waist – type
        • pocket – spring
        • Spiroplex (a spring made of high – performance plastics)
  • also available with bed box
  • different headboards – free to choose
  • convenient accessories like sidetables, stools or benches

… or the luxury version COVENTRY made of solid wood

If you want to know more about this company visit the homepage: